Why I should Watch Doctor Who

There are a lot of people who ask themselves the question why they should watch the Doctor Who show. A lot of them are still undecided whether it is a show worth watching or not and because they are yet to decide, they have not watched any of the episodes even the renewed version of it. This article will make you see the need to watch the show.
The first reason why you or your children have to watch the Doctor Who DVD is that the TV show has so many stories in it that you can learn from. Some stories in it are written by renowned writers like Shakespeare. There are a lot of lessons that can be learned from stories like these. Funny enough, lessons like this could be your saving grace when faced with some real life situations that demand wisdom. The second reason why you should consider watching it is the several things it will teach you about history and science. Everyone agree that these two are very important in the advancement of human race. If a man knows the past and the bedrock of science, there is hardly anything he cannot do. There even other things that you can learn from the BBC TV show especially the renewed version, Doctor Who 2005, which contains a lot of modifications that suit our present time. Another reason you should consider watching the TV show is that the show keeps getting better and even better. If you decide to watch the first few episodes of Doctor Who Now, you might never watch it again because it will not make much sense to you. But, if you can just keep on a little, you will see that it keeps getting better and better. You are likely to get better satisfaction when you watch the renewed versions, which came on board way back in 2005.