Why call center agents must be coached frequently

It is not possible for a company to implement Call Quality Assurance program successfully while failing to implement one important component that determines the real success of the program; coaching. Coaching is a very critical component of any successful quality assurance program. This is basically a process in which feedback is delivered to call center agents on a timely and consistent basis. It is important that a company has coaching sessions because these sessions help in recognizing the assets and strengths of call center agents in addition to keying out the different areas where these agents have opportunities to improve. For coaching sessions to be effective, they must be supportive, collaborative and instructive.
This is to ensure that the sessions demonstrate the commitment of the management to the success of the call center agents. The advantage with coaching is that different methods can be used to make these sessions effective. Some of these methods include broadcasting messages to agents, personalizing the coaching session, using video clips on some of the Call Center QA best practices and relaying real-time feedback to agents. Irrespective of the methods managers use to conduct coaching sessions, the most important thing is that the number of sessions put aside by the management is completed. Poor training or lack of effective coaching is usually one of the many reasons why Call QA programs do not meet their expected results or generally fail. In most cases, lack of coaching leads to attrition by call center agents. Coaching sessions can be conducted by different people. Managers, quality assurance reviewers, supervisors and quality assurance specialists are some of the people that can conduct training sessions. It is also possible for these sessions to be conducted by more experienced call agents. It is important that when coaching call center agents on a frequent basis, managers select a coaching method that is effective to all agents. click here for more information about Call Center Quality Assurance