What are the advantages of ice skating

There are many sports that people enjoy playing and one of them is ice skating. This is not something that you get to see many people doing because of the fact that it requires special place called ice skating rink los angeles and most of the time special season to do it. This in many parts of the world it can be performed all the year round due to very low temperatures prevailing all through the year but in most of the parts of the world it is either only performed during winters when the ponds and lakes freeze to form an thick layer of ice over the surface or all through the year on the artificial manmade ice rinks that are maintained using very low temperatures as it is the case with the cold storages.
The sport of ice skating is a very good spirt for kids as it has many qualities such as It improves reflexes The sport involves moving on hard slippery ice just on a pair of woodland hill ice skate which requires you to improve your reflexes to stay in an upright position. This improves you reflexes and makes you more flexible.
It improves your immunity Since you remain in very cold temperatures for long you get used to it by developing immunity to cold. Your body stars adjusting to the cold temperatures even though you wear a thick layer of clothing to prevent the harsh effects of cold from affecting your body directly. It improves you posture Since you need to maintain a certain posture for ice skating los angeles on ice and to prevent yourself from falling, ice skating helps to improve the tone of your back and core muscles and thus improves your posture giving you grace in your routine life. Your good posture helps you look good in your general life too making you more attractive.