What are Plastidip and advantages and disadvantages of it?

plastidip is especially a rubber coating. It is mainly air dry coating. This solution is mainly peeled able, flexible insulating and non-slip rubber coating. This solution is mainly used from automobiles to home everywhere. If you use plastidipon any machine, then you can hold it safely. This plastidip increases the friction of any metallic or non-metallic machine. So if you use plastidip to handle on any machine, then you can pull or push it with no worry. It is a temporary rubber coating so you can remove it after the work done.
What are advantages and disadvantages of plastidip? Advantages • The cost of plasti dip kopenis very much low that is why everyone can buy it • To prepare with plastidip needs some time but this time is very much short, and the vehicle doesn’t require any type of scuffing. • If you do overspray of some kind of liquid to the vehicle, then this can rubs or wipes off. • If you make mistakes then by this you can resolve it. • It is removable • If color is dipped, then you can remove it and exchange with a new one. • This is cheaper, where paint has a huge value of money. Disadvantages • traditional paint is less tight than spray distance • This plastidip is very much sensitive to humidity and temperature. • This cannot be permanent.
Attributes of this liquid tape Plastidipis a type of liquid tape which you can use anywhere is machinery system, so there is some kind of attributes of plastidip. These are: • This is a type of cover, so it protects from alkalis, acids, and abrasion. • It protects machinery instruments from moisture and salt. • This plasti dip is a dielectricmaterial, and it is the strongest. • It protects electrical wires, cables, etc.