The general notion of humans about aging

Everyone has this fear of becoming aged and old all of a sudden; the fear comes from the fact that they are afraid that when they grow old, their beauty and appearance will be degraded in a way. It has been proven that this fear consumes them the same way the aging consumes them. Even health professional have proven this to be true, that there is a common disease that aged and old people tend to have, which is not a function of any other thing than their age. Some of the diseases that comes with aging, includes but is not limited to, weight gain, wrinkly skin, and this is what scares old people. Everybody is looking for a way to remain young and enjoy life and its pleasure; researchers in the field of medicine are really doing a lot in this area to see this dream come true.
They have come to discover a lot of things that can in one way or the other slow down aging or add more life to any individual, though many of these discoveries are still debatable among them, as both sides have almost an equal number of professional that is ready to stand for what the group believes in, one of these discoveries is the ultra pure turmeric and what it can do. It must be noted that it is not that the ultra pure turmeric is an immortality pill or a pill that gives more time to an individual on earth, but the turmeric is something close to possessing all these characteristics. Some people call it a grail of youth and health that is holy. Looking at it, the ultra pure turmeric is not as potent alone or when used alone, but when used with other ingredients, its power or potency is unleashed.