Some of the features of Ninja sword

There are actually the two conflicting theories that are describing all about what the ninja sword is looking likes. The one theory is that they are used by the feudal ninja warriors of Japan and another one theory is that the swords are not unique to catch the attraction of the viewers. The sword was used by the ninja’s because they were occasional spies and assassins. Hough this is one of the most ancient weapon through which the ninja fights into the warriors to defend them from the enemies.
Some features of sword- The ninja sword is actually straight bladed and is similar to that of the sword of the samurai. Actually these swords were inferior to the swords of samurai as it was made of using the inferior steels. Actually it is so because the ninjas was considered to be lower social class people and they could not afford to the skills smith for the higher expensive swords and they have the own swords smiths for making the curved edge swords with the very well constructed blades. The ninja sword were used for the many purposes like the scabbard was made between 3 inches to the 4 inches longer as compare to the actual swords. The hidden compartment was also there at the end point ion which any other weapon, poisons and daggers can also be hiding easily.
Another purpose of using the ninja sword was that it plays the role of small step. By making it jamming into the earth ground, the ninja warrior can use the hand guard in form of step to get the extra height needed for scaling the wall. Also the blade was not too sharp that ninja can use it as the hammer by holding it carefully on the blade and hitting using its handle. Today also it seems that these ninja sword is getting more demands. Click here to get more information BladesPro