Dorothy Tan achievements in the field of divorce lawyer Singapore

Dorothy Tan is considered as a highly ranked Singapore divorce lawyer and had also achieved numerous awards and respect. She is also been recognized as a deputy head of PKWA company.
Her area of specialization is: • Divorce and matrimonial cases • Wills and Probate As a young woman, she is always been served as the best example for women and for all those people who think that women are only made for house work. As a divorce lawyer Singapore, what are the awards she won? As a divorce lawyer Singapore, she won numerous awards for her outstanding performance in the firm of law. She had also solved many cases which were impossible for another lawyer to solve. The awards he owned are: • Dorothy Tan was listed as the Asia’s brightest young legal mind which was given by Asian legal business. This was comprised of many other lawyers according to their performance of the case, their earnings and their reputation in the field of law and from there she was also listed. • Dorothy Tan was also nominated randomly for two years as a young lawyer of the year. • Dorothy was also listed as the Singapore most influential lawyer in the most respect magazine of Singapore. Dorothy is always considered as the youngest lawyer who can lead a team and can successfully solve the case of any divorce matter. She had solved many divorce cases in a knowledgeable manner and had always got a positive review from it. What are the critical cases she had solved? As a reputed divorce lawyer Singapore she had always solved the cases in the field of divorce. She is also been recognized as an expert lawyer of matrimonial law. Apart from the divorce case, there are main other complex cases which are been solved by her. Such as the cases of division of multimillion dollar property and she had also achieved in this case also.