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Rap beats are for rap songs • Composer and producer of hip-hop music are known as a beat maker. They also act as a record producer. • Rapping is considered as a musical vocabulary, which can be delivered in several ways. Rap is considered as a permanent ingredient of hip-hop song. • It is not like poetry. Rap is generally sung over a beat, which is given by a DJ. The gray area between prose, poetry, and singing is considered or known as Rap beats. • The term rap and hip-hop are so similar that the words are used interchangeably. Has its root in Africa

• The Griots of West Africa describe their stories using drum and instruments, that too rhythmically. • Then the music is known as Blues music that is the other version of African spiritual and folk music. • Later it was played and sung by whites also. It is said that this music is rapped. From African-American and European musical traditions Jazz is developed from the music blues. • This is also influenced by hip-hop. The source of rap comes Manhattan. During 1971, for records rap was used for talking. • Rapping means it sometimes tries to convey something. It has African roots. It has a big teamwork when they are working hard day and night for beats. • Buy rap beats from international producers to who has worked for the funk volume.