Blake Goldring chairman and founder of many organizations

blake goldring is a community leader of Canada and chief executive officer of AGF. He wanted to build a bond bridge between Canadian company and business along with Canada Military, so he founded Canada Company during the year 2006. He always supports Canada Army, so theHonorary Colonel of Canada Military. He has founded an organization to where basically works are going to support the ex-serviceman, their family and anyone related to the army, which needs the help.
Blake Goldring and his family life • Toronto University plays an important and vital role; he said it'sbeen a pleasure and merciful when Thanksgiving can be held in a different way and in a meaningful manner. • All hi uncles and his father too had been graduated from this university. Mr Goldring father of Mr Blake was a generous supporter both University College and Victoria College. • Blake Goldring is maintaining the legacy, by giving generously to institute. There is a student’s extracurricular activity center in the University. Goldring student center • The student center is mainly for student’s fitness, health and other extracurricular activity, athletics, which is for high performance of sports. • This is opened on 2015. It is also known as Home away from home. • It is a place where students can discuss together their activities, which is very comfortable and modernized too for socializing. • So Blake is being treated as the most respected alumni leaders of the university. He serves as the director of Sunnybrook Center for Health science.
His awards and achievements He is being given Arbor Award for his service and contribution to the University during the year 2009. And Blake Goldring is honored with the Meritorious Service Medal by military division during 2011.Royal military college of Canada has given an honorary degree of Doctors of law.